Alien Action Figure

Alien Pile Regular Ver. Alien Polystone Statue Figure

Alien Pile Regular Ver. Alien Polystone Statue Figure

Alien Pile Regular Ver. Alien Polystone Statue Figure

Title: Alien Pile Regular Ver. Alien Polystone Statue Figure Condition: USED Very Good. Please make sure to enter the address and name in English.

Please understand this in advance. If you return the item, please return it in all original packaging and accessories. About Products There is no guarantee of remaining power for backup batteries or built-in batteries. Application postcards, application tickets, obi, outer bag of the product like OPP, trading cards, stickers, tickets, serial codes, and download codes are generally not included. If any of the above items are included in the product delivered to you, we hope you will consider them as extras.

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Alien Pile Regular Ver. Alien Polystone Statue Figure